Christina Grimmie’s Killer Was Obsessed With Her

Christina Grimmie's Killer Was Obsessed With Her | Yolo Celebs

Christina Grimmie’s killer was obsessed with the voice star

Reports reaching indicate that Christina Grimmie’s killer Kevin Loibl (22), was seriously obsessed with her. According to Cory Dennington, a close friend to Loibl, he even went ahead to believe that the singer was his soulmate.

Loibl believed he was destined to be with Christina Grimmie

Dennington who has been friends with Loibl for over 15 years told the police that Loibl had been infatuated with the singer over the last year.  According to a police report obtained by the CNN “He said that Loibl would never entertain the idea that his plan would not work, and when Dennington did, he threatened to end their friendship,” “Loibl never elaborated on what he would do if he met Christina, but he referred to her as his ‘soul mate.” Dennington further explained that Loibl was a self proclaimed atheist and that there reached a time that he claimed that he found salvation in Grimmie. He also insisted that the singer’s faith helped him to view the world in a different way.

Dennington also revealed that Loibl had recent physique changes which included loosing 50 pound of his weight, had hair implants, went for a teeth whitening and had a Lasik eye surgery all in a bid to catch the singer’s attention.

He also told the police that Loibl spent most of his working hours watching videos of the singer and browsing through her social media accounts. According to a police report obtained by the New York Daily News, his colleagues would often mock him for his growing infatuation towards the singer. However, they were not aware that he had purchased a weapon with the intention of killing the star.

Kevin’s father on the other hand said that he does not recall his son spending time watching the talent show. However, he admits that his son was indeed a loner and spent most of his time in front of the computer.


Loibl shot and killed Grimmie at a fan meet and greet after show in Orlando on the 11th of June 2016/ he later on went ahead and killed himself after a short struggle with Grimmie’s bother Marcus Grimmie.

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