Justin Bieber Creeping on Selena Gomez By Her House

Justin Bieber Creeped and Peeked at Selenas House

Justin Bieber Creeping on Selena Gomez By Her House | Yolo Celebs image 2

Shame on You Bieber Why Be Creepy

What a creep Justin Bieber is being lately. He was found lurking around Selena Gomez’s house late this Sunday afternoon. He’s also been liking pictures of them kissing when they used to date. Like come on dude…we all know you’re not over Selena. I sure hope she wasn’t home because he was probably peeping through her windows trying to catch a glimpse at his past lover naked. It’s obvious he wants to get back together with Selena since her nudes are amazing, but she’s afraid of getting hurt again. Justin treated Selena like a total douche bag, and now he wants her back?

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Honestly, Selena is a very strong woman and she knows that she’s just going to get hurt again if she and Biebs get back together. That broken heart is one of the worse feelings on this earth. Justin is just a player and he would probably try to have sex with every single girl he came across if he and Selena were in another relationship again. Selena wouldn’t be missing much, because Justin dresses like a homeless person. He literally looks like he crawled out of a dumpster, and that hair too…it’s just so awful. It makes him look like more of a hamster than a human.


After Justin getting caught by security cameras, I wonder how Selena reacted to this. She was probably super creeped out. He was either there to see her out in her birthday suit, or there to steal some really expensive shit. As for her look alike just way hotter Ariana Grande pop star has the best nudes around. Or maybe he was there to surprise her with something really romantically sweet, but I highly doubt that was the case, and I’m sure Selena wouldn’t give in to his continuous bullshit. She’s so tired of “this same old love”, but Justin just won’t give up on what they once had. He needs to stop stalking her, because that’s obviously not helping any with their relationship.

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