Kanye Debuts NSWF Music Video Feat Other Celebs

Kanye Debuts NSWF Music Video Feat Other Celebs | Yolo Celebs image 2

Kanye Debuts NSWF music video depicting Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, George Bush and Trump as nude

Kanye West will never cease to amaze us. Just the other day he was happy with his wife posing nude on the cover of GQ magazine and a few days later, Kanye Debuts NSWF music video for his controversial single” famous” at a star-studded event  at the forum in Los Angels on Friday, June 24th and it was truly NSFW.

Kanye Debuts NSWF music video and breaks the internet

Just like his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is also making his attempts to break the internet with his NSFW music video. The controversial musician blew everyone’s mind at the forum in Inglewood and he is about to blow your mind too with the images of different celebs in the same bed nude and he follows by insisting that the images are so real. One of the representatives of Donald Trump insisted that the images are not real at all. But if you look closely at some of the images, your guess is just as mine, they look eerily like the real celebs.

Kanyes’ team is yet to issue a statement one way or the other on just how they did it but it is probably wise to assume that the celebrity in question were just digital creation of the real beings. We are also yet to establish whether Kanye got permission for the likenesses but he denies that he had any political intent or will. It is a matter of fame and he even goes ahead to explain that after he showed that video to some of his friend they even wanted to appear in it.

Nearly all the figures that appeared on the Video had some kind of history with West. Kanye is married to Kardashian and Jenner is the father- in-law of the Kardashian.  He dated Amber Rose and Kardashian appeared on a sex tape with Ray J. He collaborated with Rihanna who happened to have dated Brown who pleaded guilty for assaulting her. West and Swift have an on and off feud and in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, West said that George Bush never cared about black people. The former President later went ahead and described it as the worst moment of his eight years in office.

The rapper told Vanity Fair “Maybe in some alternative universe me and George Bush could have been friends. I could have been his OJ Simpson black friend on the golf course.”


As for Donald the Trump he praised West, who he said “loves Trump”. West joked at an awards ceremony last year that he may run for president in 2020.

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