Kim Kardashian Chips Her Tooth on Way To Las Vegas

She Broke Her Tooth Kim Kardashian is Not Allowed To Sin City

Kim Kardashian Chips Her Tooth on Way To Las Vegas | Yolo Celebs image 1

Finally The Kardashian’s Got what They Deserve

Guess who chipped her tooth! Kim Kardashian did not brake the internet with her butt naked photos this time for once! She needs to stop being so clumsy! She tripped and chipped one of her front teeth just before getting on her expensive jet to fly off to Las Vegas for her girls trip. Due to this emergency, she had called up her 911 special tooth fairy on speed dial, which had caused a minor setback for the trip to Las Vegas. She of course couldn’t party with a chipped tooth that made her look like a hillbilly. It would’ve been so embarrassing, right?


Kim Needs Emergency Dental Repair on Her Tooth After Chipping

After seeing her lucky cosmetic dentist, she went out to a nightclub with her girlfriends in Sin City. Kim Kardashian showed up in an ugly, plain navy blue, long strapless dress that had her fake boobs wanting to pop out. Her nipples were even poking through…disgusting! I guess that’s what all the hoes do these days. Not to mention the fact that her laced pointed-toe high heels don’t go well with her dress. She should totally become a stripper, she does have all the perks and the clothing too.



During the crazy night life in Sin City, of course Kim and her girls had to take duck-faced selfies like all the girls who want attention and were lip singing like sluts to Kanye’s new song “Famous” showing off how cool they were. They even grinned all over each other on the dance floor. Kim and her girls had shared these photos and videos on Snapchat to all of Kim’s fans.  They look like they would probably be working the street corners from all the makeup they cake on their plastic looking faces. If Kim wasn’t a celebrity, they probably would be doing that for a living. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye was pimping these Barbie’s out because he “made that bitch famous.”

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